The Megadome Pilgrimage to the Temple of IGN

The members of the Megadome have trudged through years of gaming, focusing only on their innermost animalistic desires. These heathens would only play mundane and heretical games like Final Fantasy, Team Fortress 2, and Yoshi's Island; nary a perfect score among them. Then, it descended from the holy internet domain: The Church of Imagine Games Network. Priests of the great IGN faith spread their gospel, starting with their newest triumph, Breath of The Wild.

This game, placed among the neandertals of the Megadome, caused incredible epiphanies and unprecedented brain blasts. The Megadome members felt their backs straighten and their pineal glands decalcify, and as they accepted the Word of IGN into their hearts, realized that they had one true goal - they were to begin a pilgrimage to the IGN Mecca and play through each of their masterpieces.

The Guidelines

Each member of the Megadome will have control of the stream for a full day to stream as much as they can of any of the games listed on the pilgrimage. Some games are long as hell and we aren't about that life and other games we've played already, so each game will have certain adjustments/requirements listed in the "Notes" section. There will probably be no Nuzlocke runs or any challenge runs outside of Ringo playing Skyward Sword since he played that recently.